Alfred's Teach Your Child to Play Guitar, Book 2
The Easiest Guitar Method Ever!
By Ron Manus, L. C. Harnsberger, and Nathaniel Gunod
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ISBN 10: 1470616904
ISBN 13: 9781470616908
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Series: Teach Your Child
Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Guitar
Alfred's Teach Your Child To Play Guitar, Books 1 and 2, are designed for parents who want to share the gift of music with their children before they begin formal study with a professional teacher. They are based on Alfred’s Kid's Guitar Course, a fun method that teaches students to play songs on the guitar right away. Families who are part of the homeschool movement especially will find the books useful.

Using the same music and fundamentals included in the original editions, an easy and user-friendly Parent Guide precedes each student page to aid with teaching the music to the child. The guide suggests steps for introducing the concept or page to the student, follow-up practice suggestions, and suggestions for reviewing the material in subsequent lessons.

The enclosed CD contains a recording of every piece in the book. Listening or playing along with the recording is fun, but more importantly, it reinforces concepts such as rhythm and switching smoothly between notes and chords. Using this book and CD, any parent can teach their child the basics of guitar.
Review: Music Matching Games
Fingerboard Chart
Chord Encyclopedia
Six Open Strings
Giraffe Under the Staff
Two E's
Notes on the Sixth String: Introducing F
Introducing the Fermata
Can-Can (duet)
Theme from Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
Four Open Strings
I Choose Guitar!
Introducing the Half-Note Slash
The Lone Star Trail
Theme from Carmen
Reading Four-String Chords as Notes
Rockin' with Chords
Bass-Chord Accompaniment
The Four-String G Chord
The Four-String G7 Chord
New Chord Exercise
Rock Me, Mozart
The Yellow Rose of Texas
Tempo Signs
Three-Tempo Rock
1812 Overture
On My Horse
Old MacDonald Had a Farm
The Four-String C Chord
Introducing Common Time
Notes on the Fourth String: Introducing F
Reuben, Reuben
Dotted Half Notes & 3/4 Time
Three Is for Me!
Spy Rock
The Farmer in the Dell
Notes on the First String: Introducing High A
Do-Re-Mi Is for Me!
C Blues
Playing Two Notes at Once
Daisy Bell
Notes on the Fifth String: Introducing A
Five Open Strings
Trash Truck
Scarborough Fair
Notes on the Fifth String: Introducing B
Peter Gray
The Dotted-Half-Note Slash
A Minor Boogie
The Riddle Song
Pickup Measures
A-Tisket, A-Tasket
Introducing the Whole Rest
The Desert Song (duet)
Echo Rock
Cleaning Up
My Pet Cat
Notes on the Fifth String: Introducing C
Barking Song
Dad's Classic Car
Notes on the Sixth String: Introducing G
All the Notes I Know So Far
Volga Boatmen
When the Saints Go Marching In (duet)
Notes on the Sixth String: Introducing E
Reading Three-String Chords as Notes
Notes on the Fourth String: Introducing E
Back to Russia
Introducing Four-String Chords
Notes on the Fourth String: Introducing D