Alfred's Kid's Ukulele Course Complete
The Easiest Ukulele Method Ever!
By Ron Manus and L. C. Harnsberger
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ISBN 10: 0739093673
ISBN 13: 9780739093672
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Series: Kid's Ukulele Course
Category: Ukulele Method or Supplement
Format: Book, CD & DVD
Instrument: Ukulele
Level: Beginner
Alfred's Kid's Ukulele Course is a fun method that teaches you to play songs on the ukulele right away. This complete edition combines levels 1 and 2 with the activity pages of the Notespeller, and includes an accompanying MP3 CD and DVD so you always know how the music should sound. Each lesson is explained in plain language that's easy to understand. Plus, you get to learn from three irresistible ukulele experts---a clever classical dog, one cool jazz cat, and a friendly alligator who loves the blues. They keep your attention focused by pointing out what's important on each page and help you learn by making music fun!

Parents can be effective guides to help you through this course, even if they've never had any musical training themselves. You can even use this course in your classroom at school. Now get ready to take your first, best step toward a lifetime of musical enjoyment.
The G7 Chord
The Farmer in the Dell
A-Tisket, A-Tasket
Introducing B-flat
Troubadour Song
Activity: The Whole Note
Getting Acquainted with Music Notation
Three-Tempo Rock
Activity: The Note B (1st String)
The Notes A and B with Chords
Jammin' with Eighth Notes
Activity: The Eighth Note
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Love Somebody (Extended Version)
Strumming the Strings
Notes on the Second String: Introducing E
Three Blind Mice
The Old Grey Mare
Notes on the First String: Introducing A
Pickup Measures
Activity: The Staff
Down in the Valley
Abby, the Armadillo
Activity: The Note A (1st String)
The Note A with Chords
Note and Strum
Notes on the First String: Introducing B
A-Tisket, A-Tasket
Activity: Pickup Measures
Notes on the Third String: Introducing C
Three Open Strings
Little Steps and Big leaps
Activity: The Note C (3rd String)
The C Chord
My First Chord
Activity: The C Chord
The Quarter Rest
Eighth Notes
How to Read Chord Diagrams
Activity: The Half Note
Strumming Notation
Jumping Around
Activity: Dynamics
Tom Dooley
Parts of the Ukulele
Caring for Your Ukulele
Tuning Your Ukulele
How to Hold Your Ukulele
The Mountain Climber
Activity: The Note C (1st String)
The Notes A, B, and C with Chords
Brave in the Cave
Dotted Quarter Notes
Counting Dotted Quarter Notes
Cockles and Mussels
Activity: The Dotted Quarter Note
Echo Rock
The Streets of Laredo
The Down-and-Up-Stroke
Strumming with a Pick
Strumming with Your Fingers
Time to Strum!
Two Open Strings
Two-String Melody
Activity: The Note E (2nd String)
Aura Lee
Activity: The Note B-flat
Three-String Boogie
Tempo Signs
Aloha 'Oe (Farewell to Thee)
When the Saints Go Marching In
Yankee Doodle
Activity: Write Your Own Song with Four Chords
The Staff
The Music Alphabet
Rockin' Uke
Good Night Ladies
Blues in C
Introducing the Quarter Note
Clap and Count Out Loud
Activity: The Quarter Note
Activity: Ties
Key Signatures
Ode to Joy (Extended Version)
Activity: Key Signatures
Merrily We Roll Along
Activity: The Repeat Sign
Love Somebody
Activity: The Dotted Half Note
Activity: The 3/4 Time Signature
My Fourth Chord
Activity: The G7 Chord
Using G7 with Other Chords
Beautiful Brown Eyes
Introducing Common Time
Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Activity: Common Time
The Repeat Sign
Three Is for Me!
Selecting Your Ukulele
Notes on the First String: Introducing C
Introducing F-Sharp
Little Brown Jug
Activity: The Note F-sharp
The G Chord
The Half Rest
When I Feel Best
Activity: The Half Rest
Notes on the Second String: Introducing G
More Time to Strum
Activity: The Staff and Treble Clef
Activity: Bar Lines and Measures
Activity: The 4/4 Time Signature
Three Chords in One Song
All the Notes I Know So Far
Rain Comes Down
Skip to My Lou
London Bridge
This Is an Octave
Dotted Half Notes & Time
Activity: The Note G (2nd String)
Activity: The Notes E, F, G, A, B, and C
The Half Note
Hot Cross Buns
Activity: The G and D7 Chords
Over the Rainbow (Extended Version)
Activity: Review: All the Notes and Chords You Learned in Books 1 & 2
Music Matching Games
Activity: Counting Time
Using Your Left Hand
Hand Position
Placing a Finger on a String
Activity: The Quarter Rest
The C7 Chord
My Second Chord
Activity: The C7 Chord
Notes on the Third String: Introducing D
D Is Easy!
Taking a Walk
Activity: The Note D (3rd String)
Activity: The Quarter-Note Slash
The D7 Chord
The F Chord
Activity: Review: All the Notes and Chords in Book 1
Ode to Joy
Jingle Bells
Mary Had a Little Lamb
My Third Chord
Activity: The F Chord
Over the Rainbow
Music Matching Games
Introducing the Quarter-Note Slash
The Staff and Treble Clef
Notes on the Second String: Introducing F
Ping Pong Song
Soccer Game
Activity: The Downstroke and Upstroke
The Fermata
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore
Bar Lines, Measures, and Time Signatures
Activity: The Note F (2nd String)
Activity: The Fermata