Alfred's Kid's Piano Starter Pack
Everything You Need to Play Today!
By Christine H. Barden, Gayle Kowalchyk, and E. L. Lancaster
Item: 00-39387
UPC: 038081441511
ISBN 10: 0739090712
ISBN 13: 9780739090718
PRICE: $249.99
Series: Kid's Piano Course
Category: Keyboard/Piano
Format: Starter Pack
Instrument: Keyboard/Piano
Level: Beginner
Version: Book, CD & DVD, Electric Piano, Sheet Music Stand & Power Adapter
From Alfred Music, the worldwide leader in music education products since 1922, comes Alfred's Kid's Piano Starter Pack! This complete starter pack includes a high-quality Firebrand™ 61-key, touch sensitive electric piano with 128 preset sounds and rhythms. Deluxe accessories include an attached music stand, power adapter, and Alfred's Kid's Piano Course (Book, CD, DVD), the world's best-selling multimedia instruction series for kids!

High-quality Firebrand™ electric keyboard includes:
* 61 full-size keys
* 128 preset sounds and rhythms
*Touch, sustain, vibrato, and transposing functions
* 15 demonstrations songs
* Sheet music stand
Two-Black Key Groups
Music Matching Games
Take a Step
Stepping Fun
Right Hand Song
Bass Clef
Music to Share
Left Hand Song
Ready to Play
Play Time
Moderately Loud Sounds
Yankee Doodle
Just for You
Time & Dotted Half Notes
The Staff
Music Friend
New C
Three "D"-lightful Friends
Finger 3 on E
Great Big Day
The G Song
Time Signature
Ice Cream
Music Stars!
Half Rest
Haydn's Symphony
London Bridge
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Circle Time
The Grand Staff
Middle C Position on the Grand Staff
Jingle Bells
C Position on the Grand Staff
Three-Black Key Groups
Playing Two Black Keys
Quarter Note
Right Hand Marching
Certificate of Completion
Left Hand Walking
Playing Three Black Keys
Quarter Rest
A Mouse's Melody
A Bear's Song
Half Note
Finding D on the Keyboard
The D Song
Finding C on the Keyboard
The C Song
Whole Rest
Finding E on the Keyboard
The E Song
Go Tell Aunt Rhody (for RH)
Go Tell Aunt Rhody (for LH)
Review C, D, E
The C Song, Again
Finding B on the Keyboard
The B Song
Finding A on the Keyboard
The A Song
White Keys
Stepping Down
How to Sit at the Piano
Left Hand Finger Numbers
Right Hand Finger Numbers
The Keyboard
Ode to Joy
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Hush, Little Baby
The Wheels on the Bus
Finding G on the Keyboard
Hot Cross Buns
Whole Note
Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Little Dance
Rainy Day
Finding F on the Keyboard
The F Song
Line Notes on the Staff
Space Notes on the Staff
Treble Clef