Alfred's Kid's Drum Course, Complete
The Easiest Drum Method Ever!
By Dave Black and Steve Houghton
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UPC: 038081305615
ISBN 10: 0739046926
ISBN 13: 9780739046920
PRICE: $25.99
Series: Kid's Drum Course
Category: Percussion - Snare Drum Method
Format: Book & 2 CDs
Instrument: Snare Drum
Alfred's Kid's Drum Course is a fun method that teaches you to play rhythms and songs on a variety of drums and sound sources, including many simple, inexpensive objects found around your home. With two accompanying CDs that always let you hear how the music should sound, each lesson is explained in plain language that's easy to understand. Plus, you get to learn from three irresistible drum experts---a clever, classical dog, one cool cat, and a friendly alligator. They draw attention to what's important on each page and help you learn by making music fun!

Parents can be effective guides to help you through this course, even if they've never had any musical training themselves. Plus, you can play along with the great-sounding accompaniments on the enclosed CDs and feel like you're performing with a real band! Get ready to take your first, best step toward a lifetime of musical enjoyment.