Alfred's Guitar 101, Book 1
An Exciting Group Course for Adults Who Want to Play Guitar for Fun!
By Martha Masters, with Tom Dempsey
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ISBN 10: 1470611317
ISBN 13: 9781470611316
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Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Comb Bound Book
Instrument: Guitar
This comprehensive approach to basic guitar skills includes varied repertoire, theory, detailed instruction about seating and hand position, standard music notation, an introduction to tablature, basic improvisation, and teaches both the pickstyle and fingerstyle techniques. Great for college non-music majors, continuing education classes, music dealer in-store programs, and group guitar classes at the middle and high school levels.

Book 1 contains 16 units, each with a variety of repertoire, exercises, and timed tests at the end. Unit 16 provides instructions for playing 11 hit songs. Students can cut out flashcards provided at the back of the book to use for home study. The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance.
Melody from Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
Catalan Folksong
Guitar Legends: Wes Montgomery
Unit 5: The Left Hand
Left-Hand Position and Technique
Tips for Playing the Following Piece
Natural Notes on the 1st String
Natural Notes on the 2nd String
Playing on Adjacent Strings
Peer Gynt Suite
Reading Chord Charts
Tips for Playing Chords
New Chords
Yankee Doodle Went to Town
Building Chords
Time Test 5
Guitar Legends: Paco de Lucía
Theory: Intervals on Open Strings 1-6
Time Test 2
Guitar Legends: Michael Hedges
Unit 4: Doublestops & Arpeggios
Additional Tips to Make Improvisation More Interesting
Blues in A
Blues in A
Working Through the Improvisation Material
Blues for Three
Blues for Three
Note Collection for Improvisation
Notes on the Open Treble Strings
Free Stroke with the Fingers
Guitar Legends: Andrés Segovia
Unit 11: Key Signatures
Key Signatures
Ode to Joy No. 2
Reading Tablature
Playing in Higher Positions
Strategies for Learning Songs
America: A Horse with No Name
Tips for Playing This Song
Guitar Legends: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Unit 12: The 6th String
Fretted Notes on the 6th String
In the Style of Pipeline
Using Multiple Fingers Simultaneously
Using the Thumb and Fingers Together
Tips for Playing the Following Exercises
Challenge Exercises
Chords Introduced in This Book
Unit 8: Tablature & Shifting
More Strumming Practice
Jingle Bells
Study Piece 1
Rules of Accidentals
Unit 15: Chords & Songs
Ode to Joy No. 1
Theory: Intervals on Strings 1 and 2
Including Fretted Notes
Time Test 3
Theory: Minor Scales
Time Test 8
Theory: Intervals on Open Strings 1-6
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Guitar Legends: Joni Mitchell
Guitar Legends: B. B. King
Guitar Legends: Django Reinhardt
Guitar Fingerboard Chart
Unit 6: Melodies & Chords
Natural Notes on the 3rd String
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Introduction to Chords
Unit 13: Slurs
Concerto in D
Unit 7: Steps & Accidentals
Whole Steps and Half Steps
Sharps and Flats
Enharmonic Equivalents
Chords and Songs
Unit 14: Strumming
Sitting Position
Strumming and Pick Technique
When the Saints Go Marching In
Tips for Playing This Piece
Tips for Playing the Following Exercises
Catalan Folksong
Tips for Playing the Following Piece
Tips for Playing This Song
Snow Patrol: Run
Tips for Playing This Song
Amazing Grace No. 1
Theory: Building Chords
Time Test 4
Etude, Opus 60, No. 15
Theory: Major and Minor Chords
Guitar Legends: Eric Clapton
Note Review
Guitar Legends: Leo Kottke
Maroon 5: Payphone
Right-Hand Position: Fingerstyle
Theory: Major Scales
Barre Chords
Free Stroke with the Thumb
Right-Hand Position: Using a Pick
Notes on the Open Bass Strings
Tips for Learning New Exercises
Ben E. King: Stand By Me
Tips for Playing This Song
Sheryl Crow: Strong Enough
Tips for Playing This Song
Guitar Legends: Chet Atkins
Unit 10: the 4th & 5th Strings
Fretted Notes on the 4th String
Tips for Playing This Song
John Lennon: Imagine
Tips for Playing This Song
Fretted Notes on the 5th String
Tips for Playing the Following Piece
Theory: Major Scales
Challenge Exercise
Theory: Intervals on Open Strings 4-6
Time Test 1
Guitar Legends: Jimi Hendrix
Unit 3: The Treble Strings
Time Test 7
Unit 16: Improv Basics
Pickup Notes
Amazing Grace No. 2
Coldplay: Viva La Vida
Tips for Playing the Following Pieces
Rhythmic Variations for Improvisation Line Shifting Tips
New and Duplicate Notes on the First Three Strings
Bob Marley: Stir It Up
Reading and Playing More Than One Note at a Time
Theory: Minor Scales
Time Test Answers
Challenge Exercise 1
Challenge Exercise 2
Sitting Position
Tips for Playing This Song
Learning to Play and Sing
Fleetwood Mac/Dixie Chicks: Landslide
Tips for Playing This Song
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Alabama
Tips for Playing This Song
Unit 9: Rest Stroke & Scales
Rest Stroke with the Fingers
Catalan Folksong
Alternative Left-Hand Fingering Choices
Unit 2: Guitar Basics & Bass Strings
Open Strings on the Guitar
Technique and Reading Music
William Tell Overture
The Eagles: Take It Easy
Unit 1: Introduction to Reading
Fundamentals of Reading Music: Pitch
Rhythm: Basic Note Values
Time Signatures
Theory: Building Chords
Time Test 6
Using a Capo
Tom Petty: Free Fallin'
Tips for Playing This Song