Acoustic Masterclass Series: Laurence Juber -- The Guitarist (Acoustic Guitar Essentials, Vol. 1)
By Laurence Juber
Item: 21-906729
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ISBN 10: 0757916643
ISBN 13: 9780757916649
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Series: Acoustic Masterclass
Category: Guitar DVD
Format: DVD
Instrument: Guitar
Each DVD offers six songs performed and taught by a master of the acoustic style. In a special lesson section, key aspects and techniques required for each arrangement are presented. The viewer can select from multiple camera angles, including the full performance or just the left or right hand in close-up. In addition, an artist biography and discography plus several bonus song performances are included in each DVD.

Laurence Juber, the former lead guitarist for Paul MCartney and Wings, is the premier solo acoustic guitarist of our generation. His arrangements are beautiful, fluid, and stunning; yet never does he sacrifice musicality for technical virtuosity.