14 Modern Contest Solos
For Snare Drum
By John S. Pratt
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Category: Percussion - Snare Drum Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Snare Drum
Instrumentation: Drumset
All 26 of the Standard American Drum Rudiments, their variations and a number of compound rudiments are used here to establish the countless possibilities which present themselves within the bounds of the drumming rudiments. The interesting library contains titles such as: Stomping Through the Bar Line * Gingersnap * Ruffing Up a Storm * No Left Flam 6/8.
Drum Corps on Parade
Licorice & Molasses
The Pine Cone Forest
No Left Flam 6/8
Jolting John
Stomping Through the Bar Line
Gladstone Cadets
Ruffing Up a Storm
Guide Post 6/8
Pass in Review
My Friend Norman